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How do I remove the other parent’s name from my child’s birth certificate?

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

You will have to get a court order to remove a parent’s name from a child’s birth certificate after it has been issued.

For paternity and/or a legitimacy case, the court will first conduct a paternity test to determine if the parent to be removed is the child’s biological parent. If the paternity test is negative, then the court the court will order removal of the individual’s name.

In cases of adoption, once the adoption is final, the court will issue an adoption decree. This decree allows for an amendment to the child’s birth certificate—removing the name of the biological parent(s) and entering the name of the adoptive parent(s) unless the adoption decree forbids the amendment, the adoptive parent(s) decline to be listed on the certificate, or the adopted individual at the time is an adult.

If the adoption is reversed prior to being finalized by petition of the court — the birth certificate containing information of the adoptive parents is removed and the child’s original birth certificate is restored.

If you would like to remove a parent’s name from a birth certificate or have questions regarding paternity and would like to speak to an attorney about your options and how the law affects you, schedule a consultation with our office and let's get started.


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