What Is Caregiver Child Abuse and Neglect in Maryland?

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

The Code of Maryland Regulations states that child abuse and neglect in this state include many factors. These factors highlight abuse or neglect to a child in the form of:

  • Visible or not visible physical injury in a child

  • The child not receiving proper care or attention

  • The child’s health or welfare are at risk of harm

  • There are acts of child molestation or exploitation to the child (visibly seen or not)

  • The child has an impaired mental or psychological ability to function based on care or abuse

  • There is credible evidence that the child is physically or sexually abused, or that the child is being neglected in the home

Anyone who knows a child in our state should be on the lookout for any potential signs of abuse to that child, whether there is a close relationship to the child or not. People have said in the past that it could take a village to raise a child, but in these cases, it may take a village or a community to help protect a child in need.

If your child appears different after spending time with a caregiver that you have assigned to take care of your child, there may be problems that you will need to address to rule out abuse by that caregiver. If as a parent you do not address these issues, you could be accused of the person abusing your child as seen by other people in the community.

Children Show Signs of Child Abuse or Neglect Without Realizing It

Any time that your child seems to be habitually seriously afraid or frightened, we should all admit that this is not the natural state of a child. Most children love to play, have fun, laugh and be in the company of many different types of people, including adults that they don’t know well yet. If there is the case of a child who appears afraid of adults, or if an adult who is responsible for a child shows a marked lack of care for the child or obvious indifference towards the child – this may signal a case of child neglect or abuse in the hands of a caregiver.

If your caregiver is seen out in the community and shows an indifference towards your child, there could be other abuses that are happening to your child without your knowledge. Abusers to children often and usually tell the child to keep the secret of the abuse, therefore do not rely on your child to tell you of any abuse that he or she is suffering.

More Obvious Signs of Child Abuse and Neglect

The more obvious signs of child abuse and neglect are often easily seen, but should be reported to the appropriate authorities if seen on your child after spending time with a caregiver. If your child has these signs, the child may be abused in the caregiver’s home or facility, and you may have no recourse but to report this abuse to the proper authorities.

Signs of child abuse or neglect can come in the form of a child who has:

  • Undocumented obvious injuries, such as burns, black eyes or bite marks on the child’s body

  • A reluctance to discuss any injuries to an adult

  • A fear of talking to adults

  • An interest to harm pets or stray animals

  • A parent or caregiver who ignores the child or harshly punishes the child

  • Frequent absences from school

  • Difficulties walking, sitting, or who is in obvious pain

  • A history of self-harming with cutting, burning or other behaviors to hurt him/herself

  • Bizarre, unusual interest or knowledge of sexual behavior or language, and uses it to describe self or others

Maryland Family Law Firm- The Saint Yves Law Firm

In the event that you believe that there is a case of child abuse related to your child, you will want to talk to someone who understands the sensitivity of this type of case. We are here for you at Saint Yves Law Firm, and we are able to review your case with the care and confidence that you need in these types of cases. If you feel that your child is being abused or neglected in the care of your caregiver, schedule a consultation with our office, and let's talk. We are here for you every step of the way to determining if there is an issue with abuse or neglect in relation to your child.