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At The Saint-Yves Law Firm, we believe your family is not just an important thing, it is everything. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you achieve your goals, schedule a Family Legacy Planning Meeting and we will get started.

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Your Maryland Family Attorney

We know you’ve worked hard to build your life. At The Saint Yves Law Firm we work just as hard to protect it and ensure it continues to yield the results you want in the most uncertain times.

By working with Marie-Yves Nadine Jean Baptiste of The Saint Yves Law Firm, you get more than professional legal representation. You get a team focused on your legal issues, your vision, and you. Our firm prides itself on being able to build relationships with clients that go beyond the courtroom or the conference room while providing affordable legal services to all.

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Estate Planning

Sometimes it may feel like you don’t have control over the largest threats to your family — death, incapacitation or long term care — yet certain decisions should be made by you, not strangers in a courthouse.

We believe everyone should have this peace of mind, including family members so they will know what to do when major life events happens.

From drafting simple wills to crafting complex and structured estate plans that expresses what you want and how you want it, we help with all your Maryland Estate Planning needs.

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Estate Administration

The idea of estate and probate administration doesn’t need to cause stress and anxiety to an already difficult situation. At The Saint-Yves Law Firm, we specialize in helping working families, single parents and retirees protect their greatest asset - their wishes for their family.

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Family Law

We help you take back control without the complexity. Relationships, marriage, children, and the many situations where they go wrong can lead to disastrous personal and financial consequences. Getting help to resolve your family matter is an important step of the process and can give you peace of mind that your best interests are being protected during this sensitive time. The Maryland family law attorneys at The Saint Yves Law Firm understand you need experience, support, and compassion, and we are here to provide all that while resolving the family law matters at hand.

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We protect your life and legacy, as if it’s our own — giving you peace of mind in the most painful and unpredictable times. Filing taxes, preparing for audits, and trying to understand tax codes and government procedures can be very complicated. Not only can we help when issues arise, but we can also provide education to help you avoid problems in the first place.

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Criminal Expungement

Maryland laws allow some records to be removed, or expunged, from police, motor vehicle, and court files. If you'd like to explore this option for your case, we would love to speak with you and see about getting your records expunged.

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LGBTQIA+ Community

The LGBTQIA+ community is near and dear to our heart, and while they are afforded a lot of the same rights other citizens of the state enjoy, we understand the unique challenges individuals face when going through probate or estate planning.

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​If you have a legal issue and would like to schedule a Family Legacy Planning Meeting with an experienced attorney, we'd love to speak with you. Use the button below to find the next available time on my calendar. Book a Family Legacy Planning Meeting Today!

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