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Calculating Child Support in Maryland

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

There are specific rules for the calculation of child support in Maryland. If a couple is married, has children and then becomes divorced, the spouse who has custody of the child or children will be eligible to receive child support from the spouse who does not care for the children in the home on a daily basis. The policy reason behind child support is that the non-custodial parent still needs to care for and support the children who were brought to the marriage, even if the couple dissolves the marriage. In all cases, even if the couple separates, the children’s needs come first, and they need to be cared for in the most appropriate way, to support the needs of the children going forward as they grow up and come of age to maturity.

The court uses a formula that is used and noted as the Child Support Guidelines, and orders child support in all cases where there is a dissolution of marriage. That is unless the case shows that it is not appropriate to do so.

Rules on Child Support Guidelines

The Child Support Guidelines work as stated:

  1. The custodial parent gets the child support.

  2. The non-custodial parent pays child support to the custodial parent.

  3. The income of the parent will affect the payments.

  4. Any shared arrangement of keeping children overnight over 35% of the year (or 127 overnights) will also affect the payments.

  5. New cases filed after October 1, 2020 with shared physical custody means parents keep children overnight for over 25% of the year (or based on percentage formulas).

Parental Income Used to Calculate Support

The Maryland Child Support Guidelines look at the parent’s actual monthly income to determine the amount of child support payments to be made to the custodial parent. This income includes more than just salary and wages. It can also consider the following factors:

  • Work bonuses and commissions

  • Social security benefits

  • Public assistance benefits

  • Supplemental security income

  • Daycare expenses

  • Extraordinary medical and health insurance expenses

The actual income figure amount is then subtracted from any pre-existing child support being paid for other children, and any alimony being paid by the parent.

What Other Expenses to Be Paid for Child Support?

You’ll need to talk to an attorney in order to submit the proper documentation to the court in an effort to determine the appropriate amount of your child support. There are many circumstances that can be applicable to the figuring out of child support payment amounts, and you’ll want to talk to a lawyer in this field to help you properly navigate these provisions and rules.

Maryland Family Law Attorney

For example, what if a parent is fully able to work, but will not get a job? Did you know that the court can find that parent to have in income anyway, despite a refusal to be gainfully employed? Don’t try to guess what laws apply in your situation, schedule a consultation with our office, and let's talk. We are able to explain the nuances of the law to you, and show you the most beneficial result for your case. Call today, we are here for you every step of the way.


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