Estate planning and administration are broad areas that revolve around creating, modifying, and executing plans for individuals related to distributing assets upon death, creating controls over their assets that function both during life and after death, planning to maximize the value of an estate, and designating authority or setting forth wishes in the event of their incapacitation or other scenarios in which there’s the inability to make decisions on their own.

Good estate planning lawyers can not only create plans that work to minimize tax consequences, they achieve their client’s goals and avoid problems no matter the size of the estate. They can also update plans that have been in place for a long time but are no longer fulfilling their intended purpose. There are a number of areas where a skilled lawyer can be helpful in estate planning.

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Estate & Probate Administration

Even when there is a will, Courts still monitor the administration of the will and the designated representative’s distribution of assets as set out in the document. We help our clients complete the process successfully by:

  • Advising them of deadlines and required duties

  • Preparing all papers needed during administration such as pleadings, accountings, and notices


It may also be necessary for either a trustee or the beneficiary of a trust to seek legal representation during the trust administration process. Clients may find themselves needing preparation of:

  • Required legal notices

  • Accountings

  • Correspondence

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Estate Litigation

Even with valid, thorough estate planning documents in place, sometimes things don’t go smoothly, and in these cases disagreements related to creation, execution, or other issues may arise. If they do, we are here to litigate the disputes at hand for you and fight to secure the best possible result. We handle issues including:

  • Contested wills

  • Probate fraud

  • Fee disputes

  • Undue influence

  • Improper execution

  • Breach of fiduciary duty or fiduciary responsibility

  • Fiduciary misconduct

  • Removal of trustees, agents, or power of attorney agents

  • Formal accountings

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The idea of estate and probate administration doesn’t need to cause stress and anxiety to an already difficult situation. These topics can be handled quickly and professionally with help from an experienced Maryland estate and probate administration attorney. We have worked with clients just like you for years to help them monitor the administration of estate plans, represent them in the legal process, and help litigate any issues that arise. Whether you want help simply administering an estate plan, or you need assistance in complicated litigation, schedule a consultation with our office and let's see how we can help produce the results you want.