Our business hours are Monday-Thursday; 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Friday 8:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.


Client agrees the electronic delivery of their case file. This includes receiving delivery of court documents, court correspondence, information on court dates, correspondence from opposing counsel, and all other updates on the status of the Client’s case via email,, or Dropbox.


Upon resolution, termination, or firm representation, the Client’s entire case file, with the exception of discovery materials will be available to the Client through the use of The Client’s file will be available to them on the secure server through the duration of the case and for at least 90 days after termination of the case and/or representation. The client is responsible for downloading all materials when the case is complete and prior to the file removal date of 90 days. In the event the client hires new counsel, the client agrees for the Firm to deliver the file to the new attorney via DropBox. The client acknowledges that use of Dropbox requires Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat Reader or later compatible software.



The portal or email is the best way to reach Attorney Marie-Yves Nadine Jean-Baptiste and other The Saint Yves Law staff members. It is general practice for Marie-Yves and staff to check and respond to emails and portal messages in 24 to 48 business hours. Please note that emails, messages and voicemails received outside business hours or on holidays will be addressed during regular business hours.


We typically do not accept unscheduled phone calls. Marie-Yves and staff are often out of the office at meetings, in court, busy working on your case, working on other cases, or on the phone and as a result, there will be times when a member of The Saint Yves Law Firm cannot be available.


To honor everyone’s busy schedules, your phone call will be scheduled for a meeting. Meetings can be conducted via telephone, the web, or in-person based on the circumstances of the conversation and our mutual needs. Please realize that by scheduling an appointment time to speak to Marie-Yves or the staff member working on your legal matter, you save a lot of time and potential hassle. When phone calls are properly scheduled it avoids “phone tag,” allows you, the client, to have the full undivided attention of a Saint Yves Law Firm Personnel, and it allows everyone to be better prepared for the purpose of phone call. Again, telephone calls can be scheduled by email request, portal message request, leaving a phone request with the receptionist, or using the online scheduler of The Saint Yves Law Firm Personnel that you wish to speak to. This policy is what allows us to provide high quality legal services at fair and comparable fees.


Please be advised that emergencies are defined as threats to life, liberty (freedom), or property. If you are facing an emergency and are located in the United States, please call 911.


The Saint Yves Law Firm may be able to help you with legal emergencies. Legal emergencies mandate an immediate response.


The following are emergencies:

  • Your children have been kidnapped/abducted

  • DSS is involved

  • The police are at your door regarding a family law issue

The following, while very important, are not emergencies:

  • Someone is late picking up or dropping of the children

  • Someone does not appear at all to pick up or drop off the children

  • You receive notification that the other parent wants to move away with the children

Before making an unscheduled or outside of regular business hours phone call or communication to a member of The Saint Yves Law Firm, clients are asked to consider whether their matter is very important as opposed to a legal emergency. Please note that important issues will be prioritized and handled as soon as possible. Emergencies that require unscheduled phone calls or other forms of communications outside of regular business hours will be billed an additional $50.00 surcharge per communication.